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Boston Limo: About Us

For over thirty years we have provided dedicated, professional luxury transportation
service within the Greater Boston Area and throughout New England!

We have earned a reputation of consistent reliability, on-time performance and courteous, distinctly personal service. Our experience in caring for client comfort, safety, and uniquely responsive communication systems exceed limousine industry standards. Our stretch limousines are equipped with flat screens, DVD and CD players for your pleasure. Allow us to make your next trip a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Personal Attention
Our customers get the ultimate in personal attention. We keep detailed trip lists that include the "likes" and "dislikes" of our regular business travelers. For example, we know a customer's favorite route home. We know the customer's favorite driver, and then we make sure that driver is available. This is just another example of our more professional approach. On wedding assignments, our chauffeur arrives at the bride's departure site on-half hour ahead of the appointed time. He is able to provide an excellent backdrop for photographers by rolling out the red carpet at the bride's home and at the wedding aisle. He not only helps the bride out of the limo but also gets any needed materials out of the vehicle, and helps the bride with her train up the steps of the church. He is available to cut and tape the aisle runner and invite guests to proceed to the ceremony.

Responsive, Responsible
We were founded in 1966 as a family owned and operated business. Today, we continue to serve our clients with the same family values: care, concern and sincere interest in the well-being of our clients. When we work with corporate customers, we consider ourselves an associate of the company, there to provide total satisfaction. When we work with individuals on special occasions such as weddings, retirements, or anniversaries, we provide the VIP attention they deserve.

Quality Performance
We are a full-service transportation organization. We have complete control over maintenance of our vehicles, training of drivers and customer service personnel, cleanliness, safety checks, and communications. Our operations assure quality: Experienced, competent chauffeurs Immaculate, smoke-free executive sedans and limos Dependable, ready-to-go vehicles. We also have a strict Limo 1 Code of Ethics. It encompasses confidentiality, abiding by the rules of the road, courtesy and an unswerving commitment to on-time performance. Our code says, "If we're precisely on time, we're late."

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